Home Security Systems Should Always Have Cameras

82172836Home security systems without cameras may get you by, but they’re just not enough. Having a video security system as part of your home security is how you really catch potential intruders. Criminals have learned how to exploit the weaknesses in security lighting and home entrance sensors, but being caught on camera? They might be able to hide in the shadows, but a perfectly placed camera that catches them in the act – particularly if it provides a clear enough picture for them to be identified – will deter them more than anything else. You’ve heard the phrase, “Pics, or it didn’t happen.” It’s easy for criminals to slip under the radar if they’re not seen, but if they’re caught on camera, then they’re hung. So consider the need for video security by reading about these essential aspects of video surveillance for home security systems.

Motion Sensor

Home security systems should always have motion sensor capabilities because 1) these save the homeowner a lot of money in energy bills and 2) it’s easy to know when something happened to trigger the home security device to turn on. For video surveillance, motion sensors will detect motion and turn the camera on to record whatever is going on. Through the monitor, you’ll be able to visually detect what it is that activated the video camera.


As mentioned just above, the monitor allows you to see what the camera sees. Video home security systems would be useless without a base monitor for the homeowner and the monitoring service, if you are working with a company to protect your home. Monitor any suspicious activity using your video home security system and you’ll see for yourself how effective it is in protecting your home.

Alert or Alarm Service

Video camera home security systems should always have some sort of alert or alarm service. An alert can be sent to your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or other device whenever the motion sensor for one of your video cameras is triggered so that you can know to check things out. Similarly, you can make it so that your system will set off an audible alarm when movement is detected, which will likely send the prowler scurrying away from your home.

Clear Picture with HD and Nighttime Vision

Having a clear picture is crucial to being able to see it on the monitor. This means making sure that your cameras are HD and have nighttime vision, allowing you to be able to clearly detect whether a person is indeed trying to break into your home or if it’s just a stray cat that has wandered into your yard.

DVR or SD Card for Recording

19-08-5Also important is some sort of recording ability for the video camera. DVR or an SD card may be sufficient for this. Home security systems aren’t meant to always be watched by the homeowner; that’s not the point of home automation. Home automation systems are meant to allow you to continue to function in daily life without having to worry about things like home security. Your video surveillance should have a good amount of DVR recording space to be able to capture events so that you can review them later if necessary, or so that if an intruder was able to hide in the time between when you received the alert and when you checked the monitor, then you can go back and see what happened to activate the camera.

Home security systems with cameras are the ones that are hard to beat. Scare away any potential interlopers by installing video surveillance to keep your home secure for good!

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