Types of Security Sensors and Devices for Home Security Systems

Planificacion security systems 174481579Of the multiple kinds of security sensors and devices for home security systems, there are literally thousands of varieties, shapes, sizes, colors, and features. Some have been around for years like the fire alarm that beeps when it senses smoke, while other detectors are newer, like glass break sensors that can sense when glass has been broken. Here are some of the many types of security sensors for home security systems.

Security Sensors that Keep You Safe from Disaster

  • Fire Alarm or Smoke Alarm – This security sensor is very basic, and virtually every home has one. It will detect when there is smoke in the home and then begin beeping as a warning. These security sensors are simple but very useful in warning against fires.
  • Flood or Water Sensors – A water sensor or flood sensor will detect water that is collecting where it shouldn’t be, such as a leak or a puddle or worse. Many people are unaware that water security sensors are extremely important because the potential damage to your property from flooding is astronomical in both expanse and in expense.
  • Freeze Sensors and Heat Sensors – These sensors can detect temperature changes or damages due to temperature extremes and are useful in areas where the winters get very cold or the summers get very hot and dry.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Carbon monoxide, the silent killer, is not detectable by mankind, and so we need to rely on electronic sensors to help us. Carbon monoxide detectors can detect the amount of carbon monoxide in the area and warn you so that you can vacate the home until it can be taken care of.
  • Garage Door Sensors – Garage door security sensors are useful not only for security but also for your convenience, as they remind you that the door is open and needs to be closed. And it is easy for us to forget to close the garage door sometimes when we are rushing in to answer a phone call or take care of urgent business in the house. A lot of criminals like to gain access to the home through the home’s largest entry point, the garage. Thus, a garage door sensor will warn you when the door has been left open or recently opened so that you can go close it.
  • med235045Window and Door Sensors – Basically, these security sensors function to recognize when a window or door has been opened. The way they work is that there are two sensors with magnets, one attached to the door or window and the other attached to the frame. When these are separated from each other, the break in contact sends an alert to your home security system so that you know someone has accessed an entrance to your home. Obviously, for windows that don’t open, these detectors will not work. But glass break sensors can be used in those cases.
  • Glass Break Sensors – Glass break sensors will detect the frequency or sensation of glass being broken and notify the alarm system. You can install both window sensors and glass break sensors on windows for added security strength.
  • Motion Sensors – The most common security sensors, motion sensors can be used with a variety of fixtures and security devices to improve home security. For example, you can have motion sensor lights that will turn on when someone walks by them. You can also have video surveillance with motion sensors so that the cameras will activate when movement occurs nearby. They are energy efficient and are among the most commonly used security devices for home automation systems.

Security Sensors that Keep You Safe from Intruders

Security sensors and security devices allow us to be able to detect things that we can’t be around to detect ourselves. And with all the types available with all their bells and whistles, there’s bound to be some home security system sensors that will work for your estate.

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